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TV Everywhere by Dish

slingYesterday afternoon DISH Network filed for trademark protection on its new concept, TV Everywhere.  TV Everywhere is a DISH Network equivalent of the Slingbox enabled set-top box.  The box would be a remote DVR that would also include a link to Sling Media.  If you don’t know or haven’t heard of Sling, they were recently bought by EchoStar for a whopping $380 million.  Sling allows a viewer to watch programming anywhere in the world.  DISH had originally planned to launch their new ViP 922 receiver in Spring 2010 but now has pushed that forward to the end of this year.

Officially the DISH Network trademark application states that it provides “television transmission services as well as providing access to electronic sites for remote access, recording, and viewing of television programming via personal computers, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and laptop computers.”  TV everywhere is built to include all web-based video services that was once only available to paid television subscribers (cable, satellite, or telco operators).

This would allow DISH to reach customers who are overseas or travel a lot.  It would be like Hulu except a hundred times better.  You’d log onto your Sling/DISH account and be able to watch whatever you want wherever you want whenever you want.  This could also help to increase advertising revenue since companies would be able to reach more people.

Most of the cable giants such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon Communications and DirecTV each have their own type of TV Everywhere iteration in development stages.  In actuality, the only one close to putting out a finished product is Rogers, a Canadian cable company, who plan to release their version later this month.

TV Everywhere is just another way to help viewers watch their content at their freedom.  The combination of DISH Network and Sling make a powerful team.

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