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TV Shows Flee The Big Apple

nycThere’s a surprising amount of collateral damage out there in the wake of an economy that refuses to pull itself out of the dumper. For most of us, things just keep on keeping on, but that may not be the case for a number of TV shows who are currently looking to relocate out of New York City. The reasoning? Well as you might have guessed, it’s all money and business.

A pretty wide ranging number of shows like Fringe, Damages, and Life on Mars may be looking to leave NYC because the reason they were brought there in the first place were tax incentives. This made it affordable and profitable to shoot a show there, but the city is facing a budget crisis, and the tax incentives are starting to dry up. The legislature is planning to decide in April as to whether it’ll revamp the incentives, but the show productions may not wait around to find out. The shows I mentioned above have stated that if they don’t hear something soon, they’re gonna pack up and move.

That could be a rather harsh blow to the local economy. Crew members in the area would lose their jobs, and all of the businesses that productions help to support would also take a hit. Here’s one petition that aims to keep the films rolling.

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