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Ugly Betty Returns after an ugly hiatus!

 Ugly Betty is finally returning from hiatus and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. ABC finally decided to bring the show back, and a week earlier than was previously announced. 

We’ve all been anticipating the return of Ugly Betty. Haven’t you? Well, haven’t you? 

 Gorgeous America Ferrera is anything but ugly. Her character on the other hand is quite the awkward one and her fashion sense? That’s the real offensive thing about her. Funny considering she works as the assistant of the head of a fashion magazine. So here she is, hardworking, determined, and totally clueless at times, but hey. The girl is a hardworking writer. 

The show also features Vanessa Williams, Ashley Jensen, Anna Ortiz, and Michael Urie, just to name a few.

There is something about the comedy drama that really pulls the viewers in. Is it because there is a little bit of Betty in all of us? Maybe so. But we can help but love her. She’s so homely at times and just flat out clueless (I mean, seriously. Check out that sweater) but her heart is absolutely golden. 

What’s in store as the season winds to an end? The buzz on the streets is that someone may meet their death in the season finale in a very dramatic (and familiar) way. 

And for a spoiler alert: this death may (I said may! Hey, I’m not the producer and who knows which rumors are true) just lead to Betty receiving some kind of promotion. 

Betty will be picking up right where we landed prior to the hiatus. A new love interest for Betty enters the scene and we may even see an old love interest reenter and threaten a budding new relationship. 

It will be good. It will be funny. It will warm your heart. So tune in. 

Ugly Betty airs on Thursday nights on NBC! You can catch old Betty episodes on

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