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Universal Set Box?

tru2wayThe National Cable & Telecomunications Association (NCTA) proposed a revolutionary idea for a cross-industry all-multichannel video programming distributor device in 2007.  They asked the FCC to open a formal notice on the specific topic and now the Commission is looking into it.  The digital set-top platform would apply to cable, telco, AND satellite television operators.  This would unify and revolutionize the television and satellite industries forever.

Panasonic has gotten into the swing of things unveiling their tru2way version which is intended to marry all Panasonic televisions.  However, the requirement the NCTA wants is that all new digital televisions would use a common interface as well.  If one company can win this race, it will be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  All the giants would have to buy into it, but one that is sure to be in the lead is HDMI which is present in most of the new televsions.

HDMI has the ability to turn a television into a communications control hub, controlling all the devices that are connected to it.  This means that the primary remote would control not only the television, but also the other connected devices, which would solve one’s five remote problem.

The real problem would be to get all three provider giants to agree on this.  This isn’t quite a cornering of the market, but it does try to level the playing field a little bit.  Only after they agree can they then develop their own spinoffs that make each provider unique.  I see this as the current and largest hurdle.  If they don’t get past this, there is no chance of success.  But if some how everyone is playing nice on that particular day, then there might be a shot of this dream becoming a reality.

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