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UStream: Watch Live TV Shows in Your Browser

Are you a big fan of YouTube? Do you like watching the videos that people have made and uploaded online? If you do, you should try UStream. UStream gives users a more interactive approach and uses live streaming in order to keep people abreast on the latest videos.

Exclusive Live Streaming Shows

There are hundreds of pages of live videos. If you log onto UStream right now, you can have access to any of the videos. Simply click and play. The videos are free, and you can watch as many as you want. The videos are streamed live, so you do not have to worry about dated material.


What if you are looking for a video in a particular category? UStream makes it easy by listing all of the categories. If you want comedy, they can show you the comedy shows that are playing live. If you want news or sports events, you can also take a look at what they have playing. Or you can try your hand at the most popular picks.


Once you log onto a live show, you can chat with other viewers. You can share comments, and talk about the show. It can be a lot of fun to see what viewers around the world think about the show that is on. It is a great way to gain insight about the entertainment that you are watching.

Launch Your Own

What if you want in on the fun? You can launch your own video and become an even bigger part of the community. Users can chat while you entertain them on one of your favorite things. Teach people how to play the guitar, or put on a funny show. It is your show, and you can do whatever you want.

If you are sick of the same old things that network television has to offer, find some undiscovered talents on UStream. Take a minute to browse through the channels and stay up to date on what the world has doing. You can find some of the best talent on the web.

To watch or stream videos on UStream, click HERE.

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