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Video Converter

Audio/video converters allow you to convert most audio/video formats like 3GP, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, and ASF to other formats so that you will be able to play them in your preferred format or on mobiles devices and PDAs such as iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, and Blackberry.

There are several video converters out there, especially for windows users. It is great to have so many choices but it can also be daunting when choosing the right converter for your needs, especially if you are new to the technology. Video converters tend to vary in their complexity. Some are quite user friendly and require minimal expertise from the user while others require extensive understanding of bitrates, codecs, and framerates that most people don’t have.

One video converter that gets high marks from both the experienced and novice user is XMedia Recode. This converter comes with pre-configured profiles for just about any mobile device imaginable that can be used easily by anyone. But it also features custom settings that can be applied if you have specific needs and are knowledgeable about the software. XMedia Recode’s website and default settings are in German but these can be easily changed to English.

If you are looking for a converter that is slightly more advanced, you may want to check out Super. Super can convert most video formats into each other. Super is freeware that already has all codecs installed. The website is a bit more difficult to use and may not be ideal for the beginner but is perfect for those with more experience using video converter software.

Another popular video converter for windows that gets high marks is the AVS Video Converter. AVS accepts all common formats and even includes a DVD burner. Its interface is simple for anyone to use and it already has specific settings for most mobile devices. The only downfall reported by AVS users is that there are some inconsistencies converting Flash files but overall it gets good scores and is well liked. AVS runs about $49 but does come with free upgrades for a year.

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