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Video Drivers

On occasion it’s necessary to download a new or updated video driver for a video / graphics card. This may be necessary because there have been changes made to your operating system or new software (games) may be causing conflicts with your video card or video card driver. Installing a new driver if one is available can eliminate these issues. You may also want to upgrade the driver to take advantage of a new video format.

The best place to download video drivers depends on what type of video card you have. The two main video card companies are NVIDIA and ATI. Both offer a variety of drivers and support and are safe options when looking for downloads for video drivers for a video card.

NVIDIA offers two ways to find drivers. You can manually find the driver you need by choosing your specific product information from a drop down box or it will scan your system and let you know what driver you need. They do offer notebook drivers too and provide driver widgets so you can offer visitors to your site a way to automatically detect the latest NVIDIA drivers. In addition to drivers, NVIDIA sells a variety of software including Gaming and Home Entertainment products, Professional Design software, High Performance Computing software, and Game Development software.

ATI also offers a variety of drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Linux, Mac, and Legacy. You will need to have a basic understanding of your operating system to find the correct driver and download. ATI also offers support for Radeon (PC/Mac), All-in-Wonder®/TV Wonder™, Mobility (Laptop/Notebook), FirePro, FireGL, FireMV, and Motherboards.

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