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Warehouse 13 Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

warehouse-13-photo_558x440Warehouse 13 debuted on the newly renamed SyFy this week to good ratings, the third highest in the network’s history.

As the show opened and the series’ premise was set up, we learned that after an incident at a museum, in which Secret Service Agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer teamed up to save the President’s life, they were both given a new assignment, be in South Dakota by noon the next day.

Once they arrived in South Dakota, they met up with Artie, an eccentric guy who takes them on a tour of Warehouse 13. He explained they will be staying at a B & B (run by a woman named Leena, who is in on the entire mission) and that he will give them their assignments moving forward. Basically, the duo will have to investigate seemingly ordinary occurrences, determine if ancient artifacts are involved and if they are, they must bring them back to the warehouse.

For their first mission, they went to Iowa to investigate a case in which a young man is being abusive toward his girlfriend. They discover, it was all due to a woman from the 1600s who left a piece of jewelry behind and used it to create problems today.

The plot was not really relevant to the rest of the series and was, obviously far-fetched, but it did reveal a little about the main characters’ past. For example, we learn Pete’s father died in a fire when he was twelve and just before that he got the feeling he would never see him again so now he always follows his “vibes”. And it appears Myka’s boyfriend died in Denver a few months ago but she refuses to discuss it.It seems both of these incidents will haunt the agents throughout the series.

Did you watch Warehouse 13? What did you think?

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