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Watch Adult Swim Online

Sometimes you can get away with things on the Internet that you couldn’t on Television. A good example of this is the stable of Internet Networks owned by Time Warner. The three best examples of how Turner let’s the comedy fly on the internets are:

Adult Swim: Okay so most of what you find here you’ll find on television, but it’s still great stuff, and it’s on the internet, and it’s free. Moral Orel, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and (one of my new favorites) Metalocalypse all call this place home. I love the way the site is built. It’s easy to use, they have tons and tons of Content, they have games (must admit I’ve never played them, but they look hilarious!) a HUGE number of highly used forum boards, free MP3, wallpaper, screensaver, and chat icon downloads, and a neat faux-cheap online store where you can buy all manner of neat stuff. If you are an adult and you like cartoons, you will LOVE this place.

SuperDeluxe: This site is actually why I decided to tell you guys about these sites. More specifically, it was one very funny lady. SuperDeluxe is the Home of The Maria Bamford Show, a good enough reason to click the link on its own. In addition to her, there a quite a few other artists setting up shop, and even if you don’t get hooked, keep it around, there’s usually a few pretty funny videos on the site, and it’s always original. From Claymation, to animation, to live action, there’s enough going on here to keep you busy for a while.

Veryfunnyads: Okay, so I know this sounds stupid, I mean, who wants to sit there watching ads all day?  Well, if you’re on the internets, you’re doing it anyway. So why not at least look at a couple good ones. You’ll be greeted by Kevin Nealon (usually very funny, love him in Weeds) and he’ll explain the rest of the deal to you. If he’s right, I’m going click the link everyday!

So, if you’re looking for a little short-form funny stuff, these three sites will do it for you, and I’m quite sure you or your friends haven’t heard of most of it, so you can steal jokes from the shows and get away with it!

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