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Watch Army Wives Online

Approximately one year ago, I was in a motel and tuned in to Lifetime. The show I watched was Army Wives, and after watching the two episodes that aired that night, I fell in love with the show. However, because I didn’t have the Lifetime channel at home, I couldn’t watch Army Wives after I returned home from my trip. Thanks to the Internet though, I could watch Army Wives online, and I was even able to catch up on past episodes.

Whether you have Lifetime or not, there are quite a few places to watch Army Wives online. Today I am going to list of few of the places where I watch Army Wives online, and I will begin with the official website. So if you would like to keep up with Army Wives, tune in to past seasons or even begin watching what I believe is a great show, keep reading to discover 5 places where you can watch Army Wives online.

My Lifetime

Tune in to most of the Army Wives episodes from season 2 at My Lifetime, the official Army Wives website.

TV Plush

TV Plush offers all the episodes of Army Wives from seasons 1 and 2. Just choose the player of your choice and enjoy!


Watch Army Wives online at Vids. There you will find links to episodes from both seasons. Just click the season of your choice from the navigation menu on your right, and then click on the episode you wish to view and go from there.

Flick Peek

Another place to catch episodes from seasons 1 and 2 of Army Wives is at Flick Peek. Click on the episode and season of your choice and you will be good to go.


A really great place to watch Army Wives online is at VIPTV. VIPTV offers the complete seasons of Army Wives. In addition, the videos are high resolution, which means the quality is wonderful.

Where do you watch Army Wives online? Share your favorite sites via the comments area below.

Photo credit: Matt McGee

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