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Watch Big Brother Online

Big Brother is a world wide phenomenon that always seems to amaze me. It’s one of those shows that you just can’t stop watching once you start, however I’m not even sure if I would call it a show, it’s sort of like a real life version of that movie “The Truman Show”. Creepy? Maybe.. but at the same time it’s just as amusing. Although Big Brother first aired in 1999, it has gained immense popularity over the years, and has had multiple spin offs such as “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Big Brother is one of the best shows to watch on your computer because the most recent seasons of the show have been designed for viewing the house online 24 hours a day. If your looking to watch Big Brother on your computer at home (or sneak a peak at the office), here are a few great places that allow you to do just that.

1. Real SuperPass


Real SuperPass is hands down the best place to watch Big Brother Online. Instead of just having previous episodes to watch Real Network allows you to tune in to the house 24/7. They have multiple video cameras positioned around the house that are on 24 hours a day so you can watch as the contestants go about their daily routines.

The best part about Real SuperPass is that they are currently offering a 14 day free trial. If your a fan of Big Brother this is a must!

Big Brother 24/7 on Real SuperPass also allows you to watch previous Big Brother episodes, exclusive cast interviews, and season highlights. You can also join a live video chat with the cast and participate in the Big Brother community which allows you to discuss the current season of the show with other die hard fans.

If your looking to watch the U.S. version of Big Brother you can find previous episodes available to watch at the official CBS website. I want to stress that only carries the U.S. version of the show. This would be my second choice after Real SuperPass because it’s great for catching up on previous episodes, but you can’t tune into live video streams from the house. On the upside, the video quality of the episodes on the CBS site is the best around.

3. Channel 4
If you want to watch the U.K. version of the show online, you want to check out Channel 4. The Channel 4 website is the official site to watch previous episodes of U.K. Big Brother on your computer. As with CBS this site doesn’t allow you to watch the live video from the house like Real SuperPass does, however the video quality of the previous episodes that are available to watch is decent. Unfortunately, since I live in the U.S. I get this wonderful message when I go to the site: “You need to be within the UK or the Republic of Ireland to watch Channel 4 programmes. Until you come ashore, to watch TV clips please click here.”

Channel 4 also offers a service called 4OD which is essentially a free video on demand service for your PC. You download an application that allows you to choose from an archive of shows. If your located outside the U.K. but want to watch previous episodes of Big Brother you may want to try this, because it seems like it works for everyone.

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