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Watch Biggest Loser: Season 7: Episode Recap 4/28/2009

It’s down the the final five contestants and the tension is slowly rising and people are working out their hardest. 

Ron and Mike are the solitary couple remaining, and Tara, Filipe, and Helen are left to the sharks. With Ron and Mike setting their eyes out to eliminate Filipe, they also know that anyone else who falls below the yellow line. 

The show starts off as Allison sits the contestants down to watch a video. It’s a “Biggest Loser: Where are they now!” video, showing each contestant as they began on the Biggest Loser. It’s a huge eye opener for many of the contestants as far as where they were when they began. 

Finally, Alison reveals to them that it’s their last week on the ranch. The contestants are pleasantly surprised at how far they have come, especially Helen and Tara, who each whip out their goal outfits, only to find that they fit like gloves. 

Showing off their goal outfits also inspires Mike to whip out his goal item– a very nice (size large) jacket. It couldn’t look better. 

The contestants next head out to visit Dr. H and determine their health progress. They also have some amazing before and after pictures, especially to Mike, Tara, and Filipe! Their waists have almost decreased by half! They sure are looking amazing. 

The final challenge of the season is not only the most physical contest, but it also presents a very mental image to the contestants as they must drag along bags full of their weight that they’ve shed. Each contestant must climb 16 hills. At the top of the hill, they leave behind their weight loss for that week on the ranch. In the end, Tara is victorious (again!) and Mike comes in second place. The win gives Tara an option: 10K or a 1 lb. weight advantage. The second place winner gets whichever prize Tara doesn’t choose.

It’s time for the weigh in. Tara chooses the 1 lb. advantage, leaving Mike 10K richer. As the contestants weigh in, loses amazingly high numbers this late in the game, we watch as Filipe and Ron fall below the yellow line. 

Sadly, Filipe is voted off the ranch. We love you, Filipe! Thanks for inspiring us. 

Don’t miss Biggest Loser! It’s on Tuesday nights at 8PM/7PM CST on NBC.

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