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Watch Buffy Episodes Online

buffyBuffy The Vampire Slayer

At the age of 16, Buffy Summers is chosen to hunt vampires, demons and the forces of darkness. After an ordeal at Hemery High, Buffy finds herself at Sunnydale High where she joins forces with Willow Rosenberg, Alexander “Xander” Harris and her watcher Giles, and together they face the challenges of high school and saving the world. Here’s where you can watch episodes of this cult classic online:


Netflix lets you watch episodes of Buff The Vampire Slayer online for free with a membership to their DVD rental service. There are no commercials and you can watch the episodes immediately online. You can still rent an entire season on DVD or Blu-Ray too but being able to watch the series online is an added bonus of a Netflix membership. If you aren’t currently a Netflix subscriber, you can sign up for a 2 week free trial here.


You can also watch the first three seasons of Buffy online at On Hulu you can sort which episode you want to watchby Air Date, Most Popular Today, Most Popular All Time, Recently Added or User Rating. he downfall of Hulu is that they do not have all of the seasons, only the first three. Hulu is completely free but they do play commercials before each episode begins.


You can buy individual episodes of Buffy at for $1.99 each. Once you purchase an episode you can watch it immediately online or purchase a whole season or even the whole series on DVD or Blu-Ray. Amazon also gives the option to download the episodes to your Tivo or Windows PC. Amazon seems to offer the most options if you are interested in purchasing episodes, they also seem to be the cheapest.


is another reliable source for finding and viewing episodes of Buffy online. Once you’ve successfully downloaded iTunes onto your computer, you can go to the iTunes store and buy the episodes you want. iTunes also offers DVD extras if you want an entire season to the whole series.


Season One

1. Welcome to the Hellmouth
2. The Harvest
3. The Witch
4. Teacher’s Pet
5. Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
6. The Pack
7. Angel
8. I, Robot . . . You, Jane
9. The Puppet Show
10. Nightmares
11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight
12. Prophecy Girl

Season Two

13. When She Was Bad
14. Some Assembly Required
15. School Hard
16. Inca Mummy Girl
17. Reptile Boy
18. Halloween
19. Lie To Me
20. The Dark Age
21. What’s My Line? Part 1
22. What’s My Line? Part 2
23. Ted
24. Bad Eggs
25. Surprise
26. Innocence
27. Phases
28. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
29. Passion
30. Killed By Death
31. I Only Have Eyes For You
32. Go Fish
33. Becoming, Part 1
34. Becoming, Part 2

Season Three

35. Anne
36. Dead Man’s Party
37. Faith, Hope, & Trick
38. Beauty and the Beasts
39. Homecoming
40. Band Candy
41. Revelations
42. Lovers Walk
43. The Wish
44. Amends
45. Gingerbread
46. Helpless
47. The Zeppo
48. Bad Girls
49. Consequences
50. Doppelgängland
51. Enemies
52. Earshot
53. Choices
54. The Prom
55. Graduation Day, Part 1
56. Graduation Day, Part 2

Season Four

57. The Freshman
58. Living Conditions
59. The Harsh Light of Day
60. Fear, Itself
61. Beer Bad
62. Wild at Heart
63. The Initiative
64. Pangs
65. Something Blue
66. Hush
67. Doomed
68. A New Man
69. The I In Team
70. Goodbye Iowa
71. This Year’s Girl
72. Who Are You?
73. Superstar
74. Where The Wild Things Are
75. New Moon Rising
76. The Yoko Factor
77. Primeval
78. Restless

Season Five

79. Buffy vs. Dracula
80. Real Me
81. The Replacement
82. Out of My Mind
83. No Place Like Home
84. Family
85. Fool For Love
86. Shadow
87. Listening To Fear
88. Into The Woods
89. Triangle
90. Checkpoint
91. Blood Ties
92. Crush
93. I Was Made To Love You
94. The Body
95. Forever
96. Intervention
97. Tough Love
98. Spiral
99. The Weight of the World
100. The Gift

Season Six

101. Bargaining, Part 1
102. Bargaining, Part 2
103. AfterLife
104. Flooded
105. Life Serial
106. All The Way
107. Once More, With Feeling
108. Tabula Rasa
109. Smashed
110. Wrecked
111. Gone
112. Doublemeat Palace
113. Dead Things
114. Older and Far Away
115. As You Were
116. Hell’s Bells
117. Normal Again
118. Entropy
119. Seeing Red
120. Villains
121. Two To Go
122. Grave

Season Seven

123. Lessons
124. Beneath You
125. Same Time, Same Place
126. Help
127. Selfless
128. Him
129. Conversations With Dead People
130. Sleeper
131. Never Leave Me
132. Bring On The Night
133. Show Time
134. Potential
135. The Killer In Me
136. First Date
137. Get It Done
138. Storyteller
139. Lies My Parents Told Me
140. Dirty Girls
141. Empty Places
142. Touched
143. End Of Days
144. Chosen

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