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CommunityCommunity is a new show on NBC this fall about a dysfunctional group of people who attend Greendale Community College.  The comedy’s main character is Joel McHale, most recognizable from “The Soup” on E!.   He plays a slick lawyer who’s had his degree revoked.  Chevy Chase returns to NBC as Pierce, a well-traveled, well-educated man who believes he is omniscient.  Another recognizable face is Ken Jeong, who starred in The Hangover and Knocked Up.  He plays Señor Chang, a slightly unhinged Spanish professor who is good for a few laughs each episode.  There are a few other B-list characters that you’d probably recognize from other shows.

If you enjoy The Office and 30 Rock, it’s definitely along the same lines.  There will be witty comments and funny situations that we will all reminisce about from school.  New episodes are aired on Thursdays right after The Office on NBC at 9:30/8:30 pm although if you happen to miss one, you can catch up at the following websites:

The official site to catch all the latest episodes Community (in HD) as well as other popular NBC shows like 30 Rock and The Office.   The latest episodes usually post the morning after airing.  The site tries to keep all the episodes for the current season, as well as exclusive clips and outtakes.

Popular online site is like an online DVR.  Like NBC, it updates the morning after the broadcast of the original airing.  It also features clips and web exclusives that provide for good laughs.

This site is like Hulu except a little younger.  If you have a Slingbox account, you can stream content from the Slingbox to your computer.  Sling also uses the Hulu player.  Again, most episodes are kept uploaded to the site for later viewing.

Not only can you watch the latest few episodes but you can also find out exactly who the actors are.  The video player is linked to Hulu so viewing is high quality.  IMDB also keeps many of the current season’s episodes online

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