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Watch Crash Season 2 Online

CrashAn all new season of Crash is set to start featuring a mix of individuals from different sides of the city.  A spin-off of the critically-acclaimed movie, the show deals with racial tensions in the Los Angeles area.  Returning cast members include Dennis Hopper as the newly-sober Ben Cendars; Jocko Sims as Anthony, Ben’s ally; Ross McCall as Kenny, a security guard looking another chance; and Moran Atias as Inez, the hostess of an exclusive men’s club.  Among the new cast members are Eric Roberts as Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur; Linda Park as Maggie, Seth’s wife; Dana Ashbrook as Jimmy, a charismatic gambler; and Jake McLaughlin as Bo, a forming pitching ace.

Producers of the Starz Original drama are saying that the storylines will delve deeper into the many emotional and complex layers of life in Los Angeles.  In doing so, the show will veer away from the more traditional police story arcs.  By combining both Hopper and now Roberts’ acting styles, the show is an explosion waiting to happen.  Crash will assuredly challenge our views as people and hopefully our eyes to new perspectives.

Season 2 on Crash premieres on Starz on September 18th at 10/9 pm.


If you happen to miss an episode, you can still catch it in its entirety on the Starz website.  This is the only way to watch the program unless you call your local cable company and subscribe to Starz.  The website has a high quality media player.

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