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Watch Criminal Minds Season 5 Online

Criminal Minds

The successful crime drama Criminal Minds has built a loyal following after its first four seasons.  Season 5 proves to be another great season full of different storylines.  When you also factor in that the 100th episode will air this fall, there are bound to be fireworks.  When will the Reaper make his return?  Tune in to CBS when Criminal Minds premieres on Sept. 23 at 9/8 pm.

The official site to catch all the latest episodes of Criminal Minds (in HD) as well as other CBS shows like CSI and How I Met Your Mother.  CBS does a good job of posting the latest episodes the day after airing, usually around 5 am Eastern time.  CBS also keeps four of the latest episodes uploaded .

IMDB features episode lists, synopsis, and actor information.  However, they only feature short excerpts from each episode.

Like IMDB, the site doesn’t feature any full length episodes but also has short snipets from each show.  It also provides a good written review of each episode.


You can search for Criminal Minds in Hulu but you get redirected to the CBS website.  If you’re a loyal Hulu person, this is right up your alley.  You can’t subscribe to the show for episodes and clips but at least Hulu does feature it in their site.

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