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Watch CSI: Miami Episodes Online

Talk about guilty pleasures, CSI: Miami ranks up there as one of the shows I love to watch despite it’s overcooked dialog and delightfully bad one liners delivered by Horatio, one of the main characters of the show. The series spin off from the original CSI has continued to pick up steam and picked up Lucy Lawless (I wondered what she’s been up to since Xena) for a guest star on one of their newest episodes. If you’re looking to catch CSI: Miami episodes online, here are some go-to sources.

1. Netflix
Netflix is by far the best place to watch CSI Miami epsiodes online. They have all seasons of CSI miami available to watch instantly on your computer or on DVD. They also have thousands of other movies and tv shows to watch.

You can get a 2 week free trial of Netflix here.

2. CSI Miami Site
If you need the newest episodes, another good bet is to try the official CSI Miami site. They stream the latest episodes for a short time, and they also have all sorts of other content like interviews with the shows creators and stars (and Lucy Lawless of course!). “Stand Your Ground” and “Wrecking Crew” are both readily available to stream, so if you’re only an episode or two behind, this is your best bet.

3. Hulu
Of course if you need to go a little farther back, there’s the so called Youtube killer sensation Hulu has continued to grow in popularity since it began, and you can find six of the latest CSI: Miami episodes on here. There’s also a slew of clips and news related media about the show, so it’s worth poking around.

Where is the best place if I want to to start watching from the beginning?
If you’re picking up the series from day one, your best bet is Netflix. As I said above Netflix has all of the previous iterations of the show from season one on up available instantly and on dvd. It may cost a little bit of money after the free trial, but it’s worthwhile and it doesn’t get more reliable than this. This is especially true given that they recently added Mac support for their online offerings. So feel free to load up the latest CSI: Miami, and I bet you’ll enjoy watching Horatio deliver a snappy one-liner for the upteenth time as much as I do!

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One Response to “Watch CSI: Miami Episodes Online”
angela - November 11th, 2008 at 12:09 am

Lucy Lawless plays a reoccurring character on Battlestar Galactica. The show is ending soon though 🙁

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