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Watch CSI: Season 9 Finale

 CSI: is one of those shows that draws viewers in and keeps them captivated. Is it the story lines? Is it the interesting use of science that most are not familiar with? 

What does the Season 9 finale have in store for the viewers? The past few season finales have definitely been highly anticipated and left viewers sitting on the edge of their seats until the show resumed. Don’t forget when we left Season 7, Sara was still in the desert and we had no idea what would happen. And poor, poor Warrick, at the end of Season 8. 

Hopefully, the end of Season 9 is a little easier on the heart. Wallace Langham (who plays Hodges) promises to the fans “no major changes to the team.” So go ahead and let out that breath that you’ve been holding, in case you were as nervous as I am! 

All In, the season finale, will really be a turning point for Ray Langston as a character on the show. And while he will never be Grissom, he is definitely becoming someone we get to know and love. 

In the finale, Langston will be forced to use deadly force for the first time. The team will investigate a string of murders. They suspect it may be linked to a scam which involves poker chips. Lost’s Cynthia Watros and Jericho’s Gerald McRaney guest star.

Though it will be a standalone episode with no major cliffhangers, don’t confuse that for no excitement. As always, it will be suspenseful and entertaining.

In further CSI: news, don’t worry. The show has already signed for a season 10 and will be back in the fall. We can look forward to the same team and more team development and I’m sure that there will be much individual development to further continue. Maybe another love involvement on the team? Catherine has been single for quite some time. 

CSI: Season 9 finale will air on Thursday at 9PM/8PM CST on CBS. You won’t want to miss it!

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