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Watch Danny DeVito Get Drunk During An Interview (Again)

sunnyThe FX cult hit It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is actually filming in Phialdelphia this week. The show shoots most of their episodes in Los Angeles but usually spends a week or two in Philly shooting exteriors around the city. Today they are filming at Dave and Busters and tomorrow they will be filming at a house in South Philly.

The show’s producer and star, Danny DeVito, who has already created a scene on one morning show made a spectacle of himself again on a local Philadelphia TV station yesterday morning.

Fox TV paid a visit the the It’s Always Sunny set yesterday where the veteran actor began drinking what appeared to be beer during his interview. Reporter Jenn Frederick, aka JennFred, took DeVito’s flirting in stride as he asked her if her newborn baby “Was she cute coming out? and “Did you get a picture of the legs and everything?”. He also commented that her skirt was “easy access.”

His costars Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, didn’t hesitate throwing him under the bus when discussing his early morning beverage of choice. At one point, Danny defended himself saying, “Oh come on, they know it’s not real beer.” To which Rob responded, “It smells like real beer.”

Danny offered the following explanation to RadarOnline: “I was only trying to make a TV interview fun. In the scene the TV people were covering, my character was drinking (pretend beer). When you see the scene on the show—and buy the DVD!—you will understand. It’s called acting.”

You can watch full episodes of It’s Always Sunny at and you can watch a clip of the incident with Danny DeVito here.

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