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Watch Dexter Episodes Online


Back when the writers’ strike took place, one of the local stations in my area (I can’t remember which one) aired episodes of Dexter. It was during that time when my husband, stepson and I became addicted to the show. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, because once the last episode of Dexter Season 1 ended, an announcement at the end of the show told us we would have to subscribe to ShowTime to continue watching upcoming seasons of Dextar. Since we had no plans to subscribe to ShowTime, we wondered how we would get our Dextar fix. Then it dawned on me: Could I watch Dexter episodes online? I asked myself.

The next day my search for places to watch Dexter episodes online yielded the results I had hoped for, so my husband, stepson and I wasted no time as we watched every episode of Dextar Season 2.

1. Netflix – Recommended

I recommend watching Dexter through Netflix. Netflix currently has every season of Dexter available to watch. They also have thousands of other TV shows and movies that you can watch instantly on your computer, or rent on Blu-ray or DVD. The best part is that Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial.


I came across and discovered a few episodes of Dextar Season 2, but since they didn’t offer much of an episode selection for Dextar fans, I moved on to see if I could find a better website where I could watch Dextar episodes online.

3. Nabolister

Nabolister offered links to Dextar Seasons 1 and 2. What I liked about Nabolister was the ability to choose which player I wanted to watch Dextar episodes online with, and since I’m a huge fan of the Megavideo player, I chose it.

4. Show-Links

Show-Links gave me a nice selection of Dextar episodes, over 1000 to be exact. So if you really need your Dexter fix, log on to Show-Links.

5. TV-Links

At TV-Links, I found various links to episodes of Dextar Seasons 1 and 2. Since I had just finished watching Dextar Season 1, I was looking for all of the episodes for Dextar Season 2 and found them at TV-Links. Thank God for TV-Links!

6. Watch Shows Online

Finally, another place where you can watch Dextar episodes online is at Watch Shows Online. There you can also chat live with other Dextar fans. Personally, I’m not much of a chatter, but for those of you who are, you’ll love this site.

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