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Watch Documentaries Streaming Online

Ever get tired of watching the same old formulaic sitcoms and reality TV? Ever feel like watching something that doesn’t strain credulity, something that actually happened? One of the key spices in my recipe for a pleasant and fulfilling Online Video Experience, is the documentary. Ever watched King of Kong? You should. What about American Meth? Or how about Super Size Me? There’s a lot out there that people actually do that can be entertaining and intellectual. Imagine that!

Bodocus While it doesn’t seem as if there’s a great deal to be found within this site, what has been aggregated here is actually quite hard to find without a very specific search. Most of the video is linked to Google or youtube, but in that these have been culled from the seemingly infinite pool of video on youtube, this site is convienient without being comprehensive.

Watch Movies This is definitely one of my favorites in that it’s got over one hundred documentaries, and multiple sources for each. Whether you like Youku, Megavideo, or Tudou, you can find something here to watch, probably something you’ve never heard of, and the site is set up with a rating system that gives you an idea how good (relatively) the doc is.

PBS These guys do it right. The site is nice, the stream is good, there are dozens of things to watch and you can always count on the production quality. It’s very serious though. You won’t find anything even remotely light-hearted here, so if you’re looking for yucks, go to one of the aforementioned sites.

TED While these are all produced by the same guys, and might technically qualify as lectures, they are worth watching in terms of educational content, and this is kinda what we’re talking about. Go there. If you are interested in this world, and the people who are actually thinking about how to make it better, go now.

So sometimes it’s worth it to learn, when the same old same old has gotten Old, go ahead, try it, you might like it. You might not, and then you have no one to blame but me. But truly, I’m just trying to help. 

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