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Watch Fringe Online

Fringe has really come out of left field to deliver a surprisingly entertaining show. It follows the adventures of an FBI special agent named Olivia Dunham, with her scientist partner Walter Bishop and his son Peter, as they investigate events that can’t be explained under normal scientific means. Apparently there are random events going on all over the world (examples include a baby who rapidly ages and dies within a few hours, or a bus getting trapped in an amber like substance) for reasons unknown, and they have to find out the source.

To me it’s kind of like an X-files meets CSI hybrid, some investigative crime stuff with a mix in of semi-supernatural events, and you have a pretty good show. It was recently picked up for a full season at the beginning of October, so it’ll be sticking around for at least a while longer (unlike some other new shows!). If you’re looking to catch the show online, there are some options available to you.

First, as always, we’ll examine the main portal site on Fox. It’s always fun to check out the random goodies about the show that they have on here. Any information you need on characters, stories, interviews, etc. can all be found right here. In terms of episodes available, you can watch episode five, six, and seven of the first season, which is subject to change as new episodes are released.

I took a look at some fan sites out there that claim to offer streaming episodes of the show, but don’t bother. Those I came across either had their videos pulled from places like Youtube or didn’t have any episodes to stream at all..just inundated with spammy advertising. If you want to start from the beginning, though, you can check out Hulu, which has every episode that’s available for season one.

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