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Watch Here Come the Newlyweds Season 2 Premiere

 In my quest to find some new shows to get addicted to as so many of my favorite shows are coming to an end, I stumbled acrossed this show, which premieres on Monday night on ABC. Here Comes the Newlyweds is a reality show. 

This show is all about relationships, primarily the differences that men and women face, and the universal issues that every single couple must face, whether in a fresh relationship or old time pros. This will be the second season of the romantic comedy reality series, and ABC calls the contestants, “the newlyweds are just as diverse, sexy and competitive this time around. The nine couples include pairings that range from couples who met at a date auction, a rock concert and church to a couple reunited after 10 years apart and another couple who were still virgins before saying, “I do.” ”

The season is eight episodes. During each episode, the couples will face a variety of challenges. Some are physical and some are mental. These challenges are designed to test the love and passion that the couples share for one another.  At the end of each episode, the couples will vote as to which couple they would like to eliminate. As the season continues on, the competition will become quite a bit harder as the serious competitors will remain to fight another day and try to eliminate more of the couples. “The stakes get higher as the potential nest egg grows, until one couple ultimately wins the grand prize. ”

The couples seem pretty interesting (taken from 

Marlo & Mark Corliss 
After dating off and on in college, both went their separate ways, only to once again cross paths and fall in love.
Hometown: Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts.

Ashley & Matt Cox 
This outdoors-loving couple have known each other since the fifth grade, when they met on the school bus. They know everything about each other, which can sometimes lead to knowing what buttons to push and harmless bickering. 
Hometown: Smyrna, Tennessee.

Sarin & Jed Hinkins 
Virgins when they got married, this couple’s honeymoon was the very first time they were together. Their honeymoon hotel turned out to be a clothing optional resort – which was incredibly awkward for them.
Hometown: Cedar City, Utah.

Brendan & Bridget Huffman 
In high school, Brendan and Bridget ran with the same crowd. Years later, Brendan bumped into Bridget at a rock concert — she was on a date with another guy. Sparks flew, Bridget ditched her date and the two have been together ever since.
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michele & Sonarak Ieng 
Sonarak met Michele at a date auction where he was the emcee and she was up for auction. He bid on her and the next day Michele contacted him. The outgoing couple have been together ever since. 
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia.

Makayla & Kenny McMorris 
This fun-loving and goal-oriented couple met at their church, but started dating after seeing each other at a club. When it comes to examples of happily married couples, they say that they are each other’s best role models. 
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska.

Audra & Rich Newbery 
It was love at first sight for Rich when he saw Audra dancing at a club with her friends. Audra says that it was Rich’s British accent that won her over. 
Hometown: San Francisco, California.

Katie & Nick Oskowski 
This couple is addicted to fitness. She teaches aerobics and he is a personal trainer. If that weren’t enough, they enjoy spending time together working out at the gym.
Hometown: Mentor, Ohio.

Andrea & Matt Smith 
Although Andrea and Matt fell in love at first sight, it was five months before they shared their first kiss, and they dated for two years before getting married. 
Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah.
The show premieres on Monday night on ABC! I’ll be checking it out for sure. 

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