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Heroes Webisodes

Although ratings for the popular show Heroes has waned in the past few weeks, there’s still plenty of story to tell and viewers to recover from here. In that vein, NBC has released a number of short “webisodes” at 5 minutes each to wet your appetitie for a more fleshed out story on the main show. The most recent iteration of these webisodes was created via a “Create Your Hero” contest that Sprint and NBC have been running, and they created a new webisode character based on that contest.

If there’s ever been a more confusing hero power, I think this has to be up there. After watching the preview I had thought he could just run really fast but apparently it goes much beyond that. The character, Santiago, has the power of “accelerated probability” (wow) which is an ability to see everything in a gridlike form and envision the probabilities of an event happening….something like that, I didn’t create him!

The first part of four revolves around this Santiago guy, who is 23 years old and works as a mechanic, but wants to go out into the world and accomplish something meaningful. In a way of explaining how his power works, Santiago first discovers his abilities in a soccer game. Looking down the field he’s able to realize every possibly maneuver and block that his opponents could muster against him. On top of this (starting to make more sense) he can also run really fast. His religious affiliations lead him to think that his powers should be used for good only, but he’ll have a harder time accomplishing that then he thinks…

Regardless the webisodes are some great fun, and help to build out on the Heroes world a little more than the isolated incidents we see on the main show. Certainly worth checking out if you’re a Heroes fan like I am, and who doesn’t like seeing new and unusual super powers?

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