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Watch House Episodes Online


House is one of the highest rated shows on Network Television, and after watching a House Marathon this weekend I can see why. House has deep characters, and an intriguing story that always seems to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Hugh Laurie does a terrific job as Dr. House, and you would never even guess that he’s really British (yes he has a pretty strong accent in real life).

1. Netflix – Recommended

I recommend watching House through Netflix. Netflix currently has every season of House available to watch. They also have thousands of other TV shows and movies that you can watch instantly on your computer, or rent on Blu-ray or DVD. The best part is that Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial.

House is currently in its 5th season, so there are quite a few episodes to catch up on if you’re new to the series. Below I have included a list of the best places to watch episodes of House Online.

If you are looking to watch House online, this is the first place you are going to watch to check. is the “official site” to watch House online. This site has House episodes available to watch in HD. The only real downside to watching episodes on the official site is the fact that they have a pretty limited selection of episodes, usually just the last 4 or 5 of the current season.

This site has all 5 seasons of House available to watch instantly online. Although the video quality on this site can’t compete with the official site, it has a much greater selection of episodes. The only thing I don’t like about WatchHouseOnline is the annoying advertisement box that you have to close every time you view a new page. If you can look past the annoying advertising this is a great place to catch up on episodes of House.

4. Hulu
Hulu also has new episodes of House available to watch online. Episodes are posted on Hulu 8 days after their initial broadcast, and the last 3 episodes of the current season are currently available to watch. If you are an avid Hulu user and don’t want to head over to this is a great way to catch up on last weeks episode that you may have missed.

House MD Videos is another place that you can watch all 5 seasons of House online. Technically you can’t actually “watch” episodes on this site, but they basically have a database of links to working episodes on other sites for all 5 seasons. If you can’t find a specific episode anywhere else you may want to check this site.

Watch House Online by Season:

House Season 1
House Season 2
House Season 3
House Season 4
House Season 5

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