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Watch House Season 2 Online


The second season of House begins with House being as defiant as always – taking on the case of a prison inmate who is felled by an unknown sickness. This is to the dismay of Cuddy and Foreman but House could care less. Looking back on Season 2 I think it was one of my, if not my favorite season. Below I have included a list of websites that have episodes of House available to watch / download. As with most of the older seasons of TV shows, you’re going to have to look to third party services such as iTunes and Amazon because the FOX website only has the most recent episodes available to watch for free.

Note: FOX and Hulu currently only have episodes from the current season available to watch.

1. Amazon $1.99 an Episode
Amazon has all episodes of the second season of House available to download and watch instantly. Episodes are priced individually at $1.99 each, or you can buy the whole season and receive a bit of a discount.

2. iTunes $1.99 an Episode
House Season 3 is also available to download from iTunes. Like Amazon, episodes are priced at $1.99 individually, or you can buy the whole season and receive a discount. You can also buy episode in HD (High Definition) from iTunes for an additional $1 per episode.

House Season 2 Episode List

1. Acceptance
2. Autopsy
3. Humpty Dumpty
4. TB or Not TB
5. Daddy’s Boy
6. Spin
7. Hunting
8. The Mistake
9. Deception
10. Failure to Communicate
11. Need to Know
12. Distractions
13. Skin Deep
14. Sex Kills
15. Clueless
16. Safe
17. All In
18. Sleeping Dogs Lie
19. House vs. God
20. Euphoria (1)
21. Euphoria (2)
22. Forever
23. Who’s Your Daddy?
24. No Reason

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