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Watch House Season 3 Online


House is back to work after recovering from the gunshot wounds he received from the husband of a former patient during the final episode of Season 2. Season 3 kicks off with episode one entitled “Meaning”. The premiere of the 3rd season of the show focuses on two different cases, both of which involve paralyzed patients. If your looking to jump into House Season 3, watching episodes online may be your best bet. Below I have included a list of places where you can watch streaming episodes of season 3 online. Finding episodes from season 3 may be a bit harder now that the show is in its 5th season, however you just have to know where to look.

Note: FOX and Hulu currently only have episodes from the current season available to watch.

1. Amazon $1.99 an Episode
Amazon has all episodes of House Season 3 available to download and watch instantly. Episodes are priced individually at $1.99 each, or you can buy the whole season and receive a bit of a discount.

2. iTunes $1.99 an Episode
The third season of House is also available to download from iTunes. Like Amazon, episodes are priced at $1.99 individually, or you can buy the whole season and receive a discount. You can also buy episode in HD (High Definition) from iTunes for an additional $1 per episode.

House Season 3 Episode List

1. Meaning
2. Cane & Able
3. Informed Consent
4. Lines in the Sand
5. Fools for Love
6. Que SerĂ¡ SerĂ¡
7. Son of Coma Guy
8. Whac-A-Mole
9. Finding Judas
10. Merry Little Christmas
11. Words and Deeds
12. One Day, One Room
13. Needle in a Haystack
14. Insensitive
15. Half-Wit
16. Top Secret
17. Fetal Position
18. Airborne
19. Act Your Age
20. House Training
21. Family
22. Resignation
23. The Jerk
24. Human Error

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[…] never even guess that he’s really British (yes he has a pretty strong accent in real life). Watch House Season 3 Online Watch House Season 4 Online Watch House Season 5 […]

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