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Watch House Season 4 Online


The fourth season of the popular medical show House kicks off with a bang when House is left to diagnose a young woman who survived a building collapse – without his diagnostic team. Under pressure to hire a new team, House of course does the complete opposite and turns to the janitor for help, this is just the start of Houses problems in another season of this great show. Below I have included a list of places to watch House Season 4 streaming online, as well as an episode list for the fourth season.

(Recent Episodes Only) is the “official site” to watch House online, and a great place to watch free episodes online. This site has House episodes available to watch in HD. If you are looking to watch older episodes of House Season 4 online you probably won’t find them on the FOX website however because they usually only have the last 4 or 5 episodes of the current season available to watch for free.

2. Hulu (Recent Episodes Only)
Hulu is another great place to watch recent episodes of House online. Although Hulu doesn’t see to have a “Watch in HD” option like the FOX site does, if you use Hulu a lot it might be more convenient to watch episodes on this site.

3. Amazon $1.99 an Episode
Amazon has all episodes of House Season 4 available to download and watch instantly, for $1.99 an episode. If your looking to buy this season of House, but would rather own it on your computer and watch it instantly, this is a great option.

4. iTunes $1.99 an Episode
iTunes has House Season 4 (that has been released so far) available to purchase and download from the iTunes store. iTunes gives you the option of buying the episodes in SD (Standard Definition) for $1.99 each, or in HD (High Definition) for $2.99 each.

House Season 4 Episode List

1. Alone
2. The Right Stuff
3. 97 Seconds
4. Guardian Angels
5. Mirror, Mirror
6. Whatever It Takes
7. Ugly
8. You Don’t Want to Know
9. Games
10. It’s A Wonderful Lie
11. Frozen
12. Don’t Ever Change
13. No More Mr. Nice Guy
14. Living the Dream
15. House’s Head (1)
16. Wilson’s Heart (2)

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