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Watch House Season 5 Online


I’m usually not one to get into medical shows but recently I’ve found myself completely addicted to House. House is a medical show with a twist, a miserable doctor has to find and treat bizarre illnesses while pissing all of his co-workers off in the process. Now that’s my kind of show. House Season 5 episodes are available to watch online, if you know where to look.

1. Netflix – Recommended

I recommend watching House Season 5 episodes through Netflix. Netflix currently has every season of House available to watch. They also have thousands of other TV shows and movies that you can watch instantly on your computer, or rent on Blu-ray or DVD. The best part is that Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial.

(Recent Episodes Only)
If you are looking to watch the 5th season of House online, this is a great place to start. is the “official site” to watch House online. This site has House episodes available to watch in HD. The downside to watching episodes on the official site is that they only have the most recent 5 episodes, so if you’re looking to watch episodes from the beginning of the season your out of luck.

3. Hulu (Recent Episodes Only)
Hulu also has new episodes of House Season 5 available to watch online. Episodes are posted on Hulu 8 days after their initial broadcast, and the last 3 episodes of the current season are currently available to watch. If you are an avid Hulu user and don’t want to head over to this is a great way to catch up on last weeks episode that you may have missed.

4. Amazon $1.99 an Episode
Amazon has all episodes of Season 5 available to download and watch instantly, however it’s going to cost you $1.99 an episode. This is a great solution for people who are looking to buy the season but don’t want to wait for the DVDs to come out in a year or two.

5. iTunes $1.99 an Episode
iTunes also has every episode of House Season 5 (that has been released so far) available to purchase and download. iTunes gives you the option of buying the episodes in SD (Standard Definition) for $1.99 each, or in HD (High Definition) for $2.99 each.

House Season 5 Episode List

1. Dying Changes Everything
2. Not Cancer
3. Adverse Events
4. Birthmarks
5. Lucky Thirteen
6. Joy
7. The Itch
8. Emancipation
9. Last Resort
10. Let Them Eat Cake
11. Joy to the World
12. Painless
13. Big Baby
14. The Greater Good
15. Unfaithful
16. The Softer Side
17. The Social Contract
18. Here Kitty
19. Locked In
20. Simple Explanation

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