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Watch House Season 6 Online


The fifth season of House (FOX) left viewers wondering many things.  Previews for the upcoming season premiere on Sept. 21 shows House finally enrolling in a detox program to cure his drug addiction.  However, this just skims the surface of the numerous underlying subplots that viewers really want to find out:  House and Cuddy’s attraction, visions of Amber, 13’s health, and Chase and Cameron’s future.  The show is bound to throw us for several loops, forcing viewers to psycho-analyze events like House so expertly does on what will happen next.

The sixth season of House begins on September 21 at 8/7 pm with a two-hour premiere.  If you miss the episode(s), House can be seen online at:

The official site to catch all the latest episodes of House (in HD) as well as other Fox shows.  Normally, the last three episodes of the season are posted with limited commercial interruptions.  Also, the latest episode is posted 8 days after initial broadcast.

Popular online site is like an online DVR.  Subscribe to a wide array of shows and their player is also in HD.  Like Fox, the last episode is posted 8 days after airing.

Not only can you watch the latest few episodes but you can also find out exactly who the actors are.  The video player is linked to Hulu so viewing is high quality.  Again, the latest episode is posted 8 days after airing.

This site is like Hulu except a little younger.  If you have a Slingbox account, you can stream content from the Slingbox to your computer.  Sling also uses the Hulu player.  The latest episode is available 8 days after airing.

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