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Watch Live Sports Streaming Online

Say you like NFL football, and you don’t have cable. You can go over to a friends house, go to the local sports bar, or listen to the play by play on the radio. None of these guarantee that you’ll be able to hear or see the game you’re interested in. and there are very few online options. This is because most American Sports Leagues are very touchy about people using unlicensed footage or audio. So usually it’s up to a few brave fans to put their broadcast in a place you can get to it. So I’m going to give you a few online options for viewing or listening to your game, one you pay for, two you don’t. Let’s start with the one you pay for.


1. Game Pass

Man these guys want your money.  If you were willing to pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket, you’d  probably have cable, and this information wouldn’t really be for you anyway (I wish they’d go to an ad supported model, but that’s an argument for another day!) Oh yeah, and Game Pass is not available to US citizens. So yeah, I pretty much just put this one up to make you realize how greedy the NFL is.


2.Streaming Radio

Pretty much every Team site has a section that either links to the Radio Station that will stream the play by play online, or gives you the name of the station. I didn’t find the next site until I’d listened to my games streaming for a few years, so I’d learned to visualize the game pretty well.

I am a big fan of the SanFrancisco 49ers (I know, it’s rough) and I live on the east coast. Just a few weeks ago, on my favorite 9ers blog/forum/news site, a kind and dear friend of mine who knew I didn’t have cable, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to watch the game, sent me here. This site depends on intrepid fans to post and play streaming video of the games every week. The quality can be bad, and often the broadcast goes out for minutes at a time, or even for the rest of the game (if the person say, is tired of watching their team get trounced.) I still love this site as it’s easy to use, has an updated and comprehensive list of sporting events, and it’s FREE!

So, good luck sports fans, if you find any other good ones, let us know!

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