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Watch Lost Season 5 Online

There’s an awful lot of hype around the upcoming Lost season, and if you won’t be around to catch the premiere on TV in January, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Not to worry though! Given the mainstream nature of the show, there are tons of places to catch the latest episode or even previous episodes of the series. With that in mind, let’s run down a few sites where you can catch the premiere.

Your best bet when looking to catch recent episodes online your best bet is to head to the source, in this case ABC’s Lost portal. If you happen to miss the premiere, you’ll be able to stream it from ABC’s web site a few days after, which is a great opportunity since ABC has a speedy site and is the most reliable place you can grab the show from. Of course if you’re looking for older episodes you’re out of luck here, since they take the older episodes off the site so that you’ll buy the DVDs. Clever marketing, eh?

There are also a number of third party sites available, sometimes run by fans of the show, that allow you to view both the latest season’s episodes as well as previous iterations as well. is one such site, and they’ll have the season 5 episodes up as soon as they are available. You’ll have to deal with a bit of additional advertising than other sites like ABC’s portal or Hulu, but no pain no gain, right?

If neither of these sites suit your fancy, there’s always Hulu. Hulu is a massive collection of recent TV shows, news clips, political commentary, and more. In fact, I recently watched the last presidential debate live from the site, allowing me to do some work while I catch up on what candidates had to say. Of course given the popularity of Lost, the show has it’s own section on the site. You can peruse through full episodes or individual clips in case you just need to catch a glimpse of a particular part of an episode. They have important clips categorized out for Lost as well, so it’s worth taking a look if you want a refresher on the show’s storyline (I don’t know about you, but missing even one episode leaves me completely lost (ha HA!) for the next one, so this is a great option!).

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