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Watch Naruto Episodes Online

There’s always been a number of popular anime series that I never really did understand the massive popularity for. Dragonball Z, for example, is unarguably the most popular anime series of all time, but trying to sit down and watch it for any length of time bores me to tears. With that said, I can’t argue that an anime like Naruto doesn’t have some appeal and has certainly been a successful series in financial terms. I even have some friends and family who like to watch the show, and they’re not all kids, either! If you happen to be a fan of the series though it’s likely that you’ve probably missed a few episodes along the way or happen to come in half way through.

If you fall into this latter category, not to worry, there are still a number of places to watch the episodes online. Here are a few of my favorites:

Watch Naruto Episodes: You can’t get much more easy to find than The fan site has a wide variety of episodes that are streamed from the site, and includes some of the movies as well as all of the episodes available for your viewing.

AniNaruto: From episode 1 to 74, AniNaruto promises to stream the entire Naruto Shippuden series error free straight to your PC.

Youtube: When all else fails you can always rely on the world’s most popular media site to deliver the goods. The range and quality of the episodes you’ll able to find are limited, but they are there. Typically episodes are cut up into a number of pieces (between 1 and 6) to meet the limits placed on video size and length by Youtube. You’ll also be able to find a number of other interesting tidbits related to the series, from a massive number of fan-built videos to commentary from the series creators. It may not be the best place for the episodes themselves, but still a solid resource nonetheless for all things related to Naruto.

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Naruto Shippuuden Episode - November 13th, 2008 at 9:37 am

I have the same Naruto Shippuuden content on my site, only difference is I post more often and recent than what you mentioned above. I just wish that I could beg a link on this post as another source of Naruto Shippuuden episodes. I don’t mind giving a link back.

Thanks in advance,
If you’re interested please email me here

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