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Watch One Tree Hill: Season 6 Episode 21

One Tree Hill makes the teenager living in my heart happy. Okay, so the kids from One Tree Hill are all grown and having babies of their own, but nonetheless, it’s the quintessential teenage soap opera and I love every last minute of it. 

Tree Hill is a buzz with all kids of activity and drama, and episode 21, “Kiss to Build a Dream On,” was certainly no different. 

Victoria, Brooke’s mother, is back on the scene with a vengeance and much to Brooke’s chagrin, she seems to be developing a camaraderie with Sam.  Poor Peyton (seriously, can she get a break?) is still dealing with the trauma of the car accident and the recent realization that she is suffering from placenta previa and is bored out of her mind while on bed rest. 

Lucas is tackling a huge job– repairing the beloved “Comet” while Peyton is on bed rest (and, I might add, completely unaware of just how bad the car is). As he is repairing her car, he is travelling down memory lane about his relationship with Peyton and how far they’ve come. 

All is well with the Naley clan. Nathan just received an offer for a two year contract for a basketball league in Europe, but despite the opportunities it presented, he decided to turn it down. He’s holding out for the NBA. We’re rooting for you too, Nathan! 

And Haley receives a surprise visit from the guest star of the show– Nick Lachey. Lachey is interested in recording one of Haley’s songs and eventually, she reluctantly is going to allow him to record it, with one exception. She wants to produce. 

Lovable Skills is taking charge of his love life and hitting on little Jamie’s teacher at the school dance (hey, whatever works, right?) while Jamie looks like he may be developing a little crush of his own. 

The episode concluded with Sam finally going to confront her birth mother. She wants to know the big question- WHY? Can’t wait to see what she has to say!

If you missed the episode, you check it out on

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