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Watch One Tree Hill Season 6 Finale

Season 6 is coming to an end and Leyton lovers, get your tissues. It’s going to be a sad episode. 

Last episode, we saw the wedding that so many fans have been waiting forever for: Lucas and Peyton finally tied the knot. And many times now, they’ve almost not made it. (Hey, let’s not forget that he was in this same situation last season with Lindsey.) 

Nathan is still trucking along, trying to launch his NBA career but was just disappointed as he watched one of his teammates that he was training move up to the Clippers. 

Haley was suddenly an impromptu officiant at the Leyton wedding when their minister couldn’t show up for whatever reason, and she got ordained on She almost (just almost) butchered the wedding ceremony, but an excellent save from the infamous “I’m going to marry Peyton Sawyer” letter saved the day (and the wedding ceremony). 

Julian even showed up, with “Fake Brooke” on his arm, and boy, was Brooke sad, hurt, and steamed. Trying to make her jealous, Julian? Major fail, when Brooke arrived with Nick Lachey on her arm. Yes, Nick Lachey. 

The wedding ceremony was up and down, full of highs and lows (and sneaky steamy Naley sex in the closet). Keeping it clean though here people, so just move along if you are looking for details. (I only wish I had them.)

The season finale is sure to be heartbreaking, but not in the way you may be expecting. At the end of the previous episode, we say Peyton on the floor, bleeding from previously mentioned complications from her pregnancy.  We can only hope for a happy ending for these two. 

Whatever the ending may be, one ending is for sure. Chad Michael Montegomery and Hilarie Burton are not returning to the show for the next season. Sad faces here! So what will that mean for our One Tree Hill? 

Be sure to catch it on Monday night on CW TV at 9PM/8PM CST. I can’t wait!

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