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Watch Platinum Weddings Season 4 Finale

Ah, weddings. The smell of wedding season can have two affects on people, usually based on genders. Women swoon when they hear about weddings. The ideas just flow in! Oh, they want to hear all about every last detail: the proposal, let’s gush over the ring! And details. Details, details, details.

Men? Mention the word “wedding” and they don’t even need to see who the comment is being directed to. They are running for cover. Do. Not. Want.

Okay, I know I exaggerate and I’m certainly being sexist right now. But I’d reckon that most men won’t be tuning in on Sunday night to catch the season finale of Platinum Weddings on WE.

Something about the description of the show actually makes me relieved that I’ve never had the opportunity to catch it– “A wedding ring worth a quarter of a million dollars, a $30,000 cake and a groom entering on an elephant are among the eye-popping excesses featured in this look at over-the-top nuptials.” Something about the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head from behind the skinny little band of my $250 wedding ring sends shivers down my spine– better pass on this one.

But hey, if you are interested in catching the show, I won’t fault you! There is something certainly cathartic as watching other people spend heaps of money on their wedding and tying the knot?

Here, check out a preview! And if you are interested, don’t forget to check it out Sunday night.

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