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Watch Royal Pains Season Premiere!

You are probably just like me– most of your favorite shows have ended for the summer and while, yes, you are a bit busier due to the nicer weather, you are still interested in finding a couple good shows to sink into for the summer.

In my search for those shows, I keep stumbling on the new shows that are premiering. One I’ve stumbled across is a show on USA, known as “Royal Pains”.

“Royal Pains” is about a hotshot young professional doctor. He quickly rose to the top of the chain and then watched his success plummet away. While Hank is busy taking care of a critically injured patient, he is forced to make a wealthy hospital donor wait on his care. Unfortunately during that time, the patient dies on the table. So what does that mean for Hank? It leaves him in a glitzy beachside playground (the summertime Hamptons) doing odd jobs for odd clients while waiting for his career to return to life.

Not exactly the kind of life that he was looking forward to leading, I’d presume.

USA said of the new show:

“”Royal Pains is our first doctor show,” said USA’s VP of original programming Jeff Wachtel. “And I say ‘doctor’ rather than ‘medical’ because ‘doctor show’ means it’s more personal and offbeat, and that fits into our brand. ‘Medical show’ typically means more of a hospital ensemble.”

Starring as said doctor will be Mark Feuerstein, who has bounced around several television and film projects over his decade-plus years in the business. His character will tend to the incredibly rich from the Hamptons. Also starring in the show are Paulo Costanzo (Joey), Jill Flint (Gossip Girl), and Reshma Shetty.

USA may be looking into the idea of pairing Royal Pains with House, which the network owns syndication rights to.”

Hey, I’ll give it a try. While it has pretty high standards to live up to (as I am a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy and House), it might fill my summertime television need.

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