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Watch RW/RR Challenge: The Duel 2: Episode 4

If you’ve been a fan of MTV for a while, then you definitely are familiar with The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge. What better people to watch duel it out than your favorite, drama causing people from the Real World or Road Rules casts. It’s a show I can definitely get behind. 

This season is just like the others: full of drama, challenges, hook ups, fights, and oh yeah, host TJ Lavin. 

Episode 4 starts off with some enlightening chatter between Jenn and Rachel about their previous relationship and it’s deterioration on the previous duel. Jenn confides to Rachel that it hurts her because they were very close on the island and now Rachel is acting as if she doesn’t know her.

For the challenge, the players split up into pairs of guys and girls. The challenge has the pairs careening down a hill with huge lamp shades on their head (no, really). Once the pair finishes the race, then they must complete a puzzle. 

Veteran Landon and Rookie Brittni are victorious. 

Jenn finds out back at the house that she has injured her shoulder. The doctor advises her against competing, but she’d rather remain in the game. 

It’s time to choose who is going to duel to remain in the house. Landon and Brittni choose Rachel first, who then must choose a guy. The guy then chooses a girl. In the end, Jenn and Nehemiah are left standing and they must choose who they will duel with. All contestants are fair game, except for the winners of the challenge. 

Jenn chooses to duel with Katie, and Nehemiah chooses Evan. It’s time to pick the event. Jenn and Katie have to compete in “Push Over,” the event that requires the contestants to push the other off of the platform. In order to win, they must do this twice. 

Nehemiah and Evan get “Elevator.” In that event, the contestants are seated in a cage, and must pull themselves to the top using pulley strings.

In the end, Jenn and Evan are victorious and the cast must say goodbye to Nehemiah and Katie. So sad! But don’t worry fans, I’m sure we will see them on The Duel: 3.

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