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Watch Season 1 Heli Loggers Season Finale

 They are fearless. They have to be, I have no explanation for why else they choose their line of work. But these heli-loggers are certainly not playing around. 

If you’ve never seen Heli-Loggers before, it’s a show about a group of extreme (extreme) loggers out of British Columbia, Canada. These loggers work in the rain forest. They have to use special helicopters to get to the top of the highest trees in the forest, in order to log the lumber. 

They are strong, brave as all get out, and dare I say it– gorgeous? I’d be lying if I left out that little detail. So when my husband flipped on TLC on night when laying in bed, through eyes half mast, I noticed some crazy guys with some crazy muscles doing some crazy thing on TV. I mumbled, “what are you watching?” “Heli-Loggers. It’s nuts.” So I opened my eyes all the way to see what was happening, and even in my horribly blind state, I could see some gorgeous male speicimans on TV and was amazed. I sat up, threw my glasses on, and Heli-Loggers and I have had a date once a week ever since.

 So the thought of the finale is bringing a little bit more sadness to my life, but I’ll live, provided these logging men will be back next season. 

In this final episode, Gord will be starting a new job. They have to tackle 60 trees in 2 days. No biggie, right? Sure, that would be the case, if the helicopter was set to arrive on day one or two, as opposed to day three. Then one of his men get injured. So now he must figure out how to get the job done, keep the rest of his men safe, and not get fired. 

The season finale of Heli-Loggers will air Thursday, May 7 on TLC at 11 PM/ 10 PM CST. Watch it and enjoy. You’ll see how crazy the things they do are and wonder who in the world thought to sign up for that job.

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