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Watch Smallville Episodes Online

Smallville is just one of those shows that everyone seems to like. My girlfriend in particular has always been particularly enamored with the show, and so looking for places to find it online is a popular past time for anyone who’s ever missed the latest episode or wants to catch up on some scenes/things they missed. Whether you’re picking up on the series for the first time (in which case you have a lot of catching up to do!) or looking for the latest news and recaps, listed below are some sites that will help you out:

1. Netflix – Recommended

I recommend watching Smallville episodes through Netflix. Netflix currently has every season of Smallville available to watch. They also have thousands of other TV shows and movies that you can watch instantly on your computer, or rent on Blu-ray or DVD. The best part is that Netflix is currently offering a 2 week free trial.

2. Official Smallville Site: An official source almost always beats any 3rd party options you have, and the official Smallville portal does not disappoint. From the latest trailers (the season premiere is up soon!) to episodes and recaps, the Smallville site has a comprehensive amount of information for new and existing fans of the show alike. Have questions about the cast? You’ll find them here. Remember that one episode when X happened? Recaps have you covered.

3. Watch Smallvile Can’t get more direct than that, eh? You’ll find a full library episodes, from season one all the way up to the present. Videos are streamed and easy to find, as they’re all categorized by season in the right side navigation.

4. I watch Yet another blog-type site that has a comprehensive list of episodes and recaps for your viewing pleasure. Season episodes are kept up to date and streaming them shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    So there you have it, plenty of places to satisfy your Smallville needs. Find something of interest or another site that helps out? Feel free to drop me a line via the comments section below.

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