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Watch South Park Online

Earlier today, I was looking around my house for something to do. I was bored. That’s when I realized that it had been years since I’d last seen Cartman receiving an anal probe. How could that be? How did the days of my youth pass me by in such a way? Realizing that I needed to rectify the situation, I sat down at my computer and started searching for episodes of South Park online. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by all of the offerings.

South Park Studios

My first stop was South Park Studios. This site got me very excited for two reasons. One, I was able to quickly find the anal probe episode and watch it in its entirety. Second, it is sponsored by Sonic apparently, and before the episode, I got to watch one of the crazy Sonic commercials where people were sitting in the car trying to come up with the word “bananas.” It was a classic moment of anal probes and bananas.


After watching the anal probe episode, I realized that I needed to find something that would replenish my soul. I got to thinking about Sally Struthers, who is the person I always think of when I need some guidance. That’s when I decided to hop over to Fancast and watch the episode with her in it. This site was minus the Sonic commercial, but I did get to catch up on why you need to have AT&T so you don’t miss important calls when you’re at a bar. And then I got to see Sally Struthers getting fanned by little Ethiopian children. Some call it tasteless, but I call it classic.


What to do after watching Sally Struthers? She’s a hard one to top, but if there is one person who can top” Sally Struthers, it is Mr. Tom Cruise. Alas, the episode has been banned by almost every site, so I actually went back to South Park Studios to see it. But I did find a third site to watch other episodes.

Right now, there are not a lot of places to watch South Park online. However, the sites that have episodes offer all of the episodes that you would want. All of the sites are set up in an easy to use format and have quick streaming.

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