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Watch South Park Season 12 Online

If you haven’t heard or read something about South Park in the past week, you’ve probably been under a cultural rock. I had to see what all the buzz was about, so I decided to go on a quest to find a free online way to view South Park Season 12. This was actually ridiculously easy. The Internet really wants you to see South Park. It’s almost impossible NOT to find South Park for free in it’s entirety (and that’s 1209 episodes, nothing to sneeze at) Let’s start with the source.

1. South Park Studios So the guys who make the show actually post every episode (ever) online. The Interface is very nice, the caching speeds are high, you have full screen options, ways to share the content with your friends, and it’s free. The site is ostensibly a social network and forum for the hardcore fans, but this is all behind the scenes, leaving us noobs to browse in peace. There are many other features (games, behind the scenes, news) but if you’re like me and just want to get down to it, just click “full episodes” and you’ll be greeted with 12 full seasons of high quality low quality animation. By far the best South Park Site on the Internet.

2. A List of the Top 25 South Park Sites I was going to write about a few more sites, but they’re essentially all the same, and here is a list of them. They almost all have  every season, and every episode. Most of these link to a megavideo user who very kindly posted the show, and while the quality is good, it’s not nearly good enough to pass by South Park Studios. There are number of Dutch and German Sites here as well, so if you Sprechen Ze Deutsche, or, er, Dutch, this is the place for you.

3. A Good Example of all those sites I mentioned above. They are all essentially identical, and as you’ll see if you click the link, the quality is pretty bad, not something I’d want to watch fullscreen. It’s even got a Digg button. Who Diggs South Park Episodes?

So, this one was kinda easy, but now you know, as side note, you can go to the Wikipedia page for the South Park Episode List, and down at the bottom, they give you two lists of note, the ten episodes that changed the world and the top 27 episodes as voted by polled viewers of Comedy Central. A couple episodes show up on both lists, but still at about a half hour each episode, I’m looking forward to around ten hours of free, high quality comedy. 

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