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Watch Stargate Universe Online

stargate universeStargate Universe is in its first season, another spinoff of the highly successful Stargate franchise.  Stargate Universe episodes air on Fridays 9/8 pm.  The series premiered with a two-hour first episode on October 2nd.  Stargate Universe is set on the “Ancient” ship Destiny, which was launched unmanned millions of years ago.  The current human inhabitants are unable to return to Earth due to an evacuation of the planet.  The goal of the ships such as Destiny was to disperse Stargates throughout the universe.  The Ancients had planned on using a Stargate to board Destiny, a sort of teleportation device.  Not to give away any spoilers, the series starts up when soldiers from present day Earth travel through the Stargate to the Destiny.  When they board, they find that the computer systems are damaged and are unable to navigate let alone return to Earth.  It has a kind of Star Trek meets Lost in Space feel.

There’s a lot of Sci-fi nuts out there and if you enjoyed the original Stargate movie as well as its spinoffs, then you should enjoy this show.  Stargate Universe airs on Syfy (formerly SciFi) at 9/8 pm on Fridays.  If you miss an episode, you can watch them online at:

New episodes of Stargate Universe are posted online on Saturdays one day after airing.  The video player isn’t as sharp as Hulu’s but the definition is decent.  A huge plus is that there are no commercials when watching at the Syfy website.

Popular online site is like an online DVR where you can subscribe to a number of shows.  Hulu has partnered with ABC to feature most of their shows.  Episodes expire usually around two months after airing.

Not only can you watch the latest few episodes but you can also find out exactly who the actors are.  The video player is linked to Hulu so viewing is high quality.

This site is like Hulu except a little younger.  If you have a Slingbox account, you can stream content from the Slingbox to your computer.  Sling also uses the Hulu player.  Along with the Stargate Universe episodes, one can also watch a good portion of full episodes from Stargate Atlantis.

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