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Watch Super Bowl Ads Online


I’m from PA but I’m a huge Eagles fan so last nights win by the Pittsburgh Steelers was bittersweet (at most) for me. I’m one of those people who enjoy the Super Bowl commercials just as much as the game though so I was amused by a lot of the commercials last night. Obviously the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin was probably my favorite. It was great seeing MC Hammer appear in the Cash for Gold commercial and I really liked the Hyundai Genesis commercial as well, who doesn’t love angry screaming Germans?

If you missed the Super Bowl Commercials last night or want to watch them again, here are some places where they are available to watch online.

1. Fanhouse
Fanhouse already has a collection of all of the 2009 Super Bowl commercials available to watch right on their website. I really like this site because they also have commercials from last year available to watch. Fanhouse organizes the commercials by the “quarter” they debuted in which makes it easy to find the commercial your looking for.

2. Hulu
Yes, Hulu had an ad during the Super Bowl, and it was epic. They also have all of the superbowl ads (along with their own) available to watch at Hulu which is the brain child of a few of the big TV networks also has a lot of TV shows available to watch right from your browser.

3. Myspace
Myspace has been getting into the online video business lately and they appear to have all of the Super Bowl ads available to watch as well. The cool thing about the Myspace Super Bowl ads page is that if you have a Myspace account you can comment on the ads and join the discussion on the Myspace Forum.

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