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Watch the 4th Season Finale of Pros vs. Joes

If you are an avid sports fans, having season tickets to your absolute favorite team might be something you dream of. But there are things that might make achieving that impossible– price tag, for example, or hey… if you are like me and an avid Cubs fan, there is a waiting list years long to even be able to purchase the season tickets.

So what’s a self respecting sports fan to do? Well, go on the show Pros vs. Joes, obviously. The show takes every day joes and faces them off with pro athletes for their chance to win season tickets to see the team of their choice.

Here’s what Spike TV has to say about the hit show:

Pros vs. Joes returns to Spike TV with a new format for its fourth season. Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer join together as hosts for the new season ofPros vs. Joes 4: All-Stars. This season, the Joes will only be competing in one of two sports. The two sports featured are football and basketball. 
In football, the Joes will compete with such NFL greats as Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown, NFL MVP Rich Gannon, sacking legend Simeon Rice, 2004 Special Teams Player of the Year Adam “Pacman” Jones, 2003 Co-NFL MVP Steve “Air” McNair, and 2002 Offensive Player of the Year Priest Holmes. In basketball, the Joes will face-off against such NBA legends as two-time Defensive Player of the Year Alonzo Mourning, “The Reignman” Shawn Kemp, All-Star shooting guard Antoine Walker, “Mr. Clutch” Robert Horry, five-time NBA champion Ron Harper and 3-point shooting legend Eddie Jones.”

For the fourth season, which premiered April 27, 2009 at 11 pm ET/PT, the new hosts are FOX Sports NFL Sunday regulars Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer, and is titled “Pros vs. Joes All Stars”. In addition, the format changed to a 3-on-3 competition between teams made up of three pros and three joes in three separate skill events and an end game between the teams. If the Joes beat the Pros, they get $10,000.

Check out the season finale, airing tonight, Monday, on Spike TV.

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