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Watch The Amazing Race Season 14 Finale

The Amazing Race takes a group of couples and sets them lose around the world, leaving them to complete missions, challenges, and figure their way out around unfamiliar territory with only their partner to help them through. To be successful, they must complete the missions in a timely manner, trying their best to not fall into last place, or they risk being eliminated. 

This season finale is aptly titled “This Is How You Lose a Million Dollars” and ouch, that must strike home to all the previous contestants. It is taking the contestants acrossed Romania and Siberia, and this is the first time that the race has ever taken contestants to these parts of the globe. They will be facing some of the most challenging courses in series history. The course will take them in varying temperatures, from some of the coldest temperatures ever to suddenly in the intense heat as they must work as a team to complete challenges. Word on the street is that one of these challenges will be the world’s second tallest bungee jump (and that makes me a little queesy in my stomach to even think about that). 

The final contestants include the first deaf contestant and his mother, a brother and a sister, and two former cheerleaders. Margie and Luke (mother and son partners) are also the first mother/son team to ever make it to the finale.

CBS says about the season finale: “One team’s rage against taxi drivers around the world comes back to haunt them. Two teams put their friendship first when they set aside the race and help each other finish a task. One racer’s constant nagging while searching for a clue causes their partner to lose their cool and in an unprecedented finale.”  

And don’t worry fans! CBS has already began casting for season 15 and it’s sure to be as exciting as the previous seasons, with more twists, more challenges, and crazier contestants– possibly! 

Sounds exciting! Don’t forget to watch Sunday, May 10 at 8PM/7PM CST on CBS.

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