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Watch The Chuck Season 2 Finale

Chuck, NBC’s hit drama, is an awesome mix of humor, drama, action,  and a little bit of that geeky nerd we all love.  The combination makes it a perfect show for guys and gals alike– there’s a little bit of love and superhero in all of us. And yes, bromances too! 

Chuck is just a regular, every day nerd randomly turned CIA agent when he was mistakenly downloaded an entire server of topic secret information into his brain. Sure, it sometimes requires you to suspend your realistic view points, but the combination of punches that Chuck packs leaves fans and random viewers alike enthralled in the show.

The season finale is no different. It’s Chuck versus the Ring— who will be victorious? In tonight’s season finale, our favorite geeky CIA agent must save his sister’s life, but more importantly, he must save her wedding.  Chevy Chase will be guest starring as Ted Roark, Chuck’s nemesis in this evening’s episode.

So what is the fate of Ellie? Is she going to make it down the aisle to marry Awesome? Will the next big get together be at her funeral? It’s up to Chuck to save the day. Will he do it? 

More importantly, what in the world is Chuck going to do for the rest of  his life? 

Fans are buzzing as to what this season finale may have in store– two possible weddings on the episode? But who’s wedding could they be? Will there even be a wedding at all? 

But what may have Chuck fans sitting on the edge of their seat is whether or not this is a season finale… or the dreaded SERIES finale. Still no word from NBC on whether Chuck will be returning for another season.  There is even news of a Facebook campaign, urging fans to eat Subway to save Chuck and various grassroots campaigns to save Chuck (hey, Josh Schwartz (creator) tells readers to send NBC some Nerds from the Nerd Herd)! 

Hey, one way you can help save Chuck is by tuning in to NBC, tonight at 8PM/7PM CST.  Watch the show! Co-creator Chris Fedak promises that the episode is a,  “cataclysmic bit of action-comedy.”

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