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Watch the Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart Interview

I must say, Jon Stewart really gave it to Jim Cramer last night. If you missed the interview, it’s definitely a must watch. I wasn’t expecting Stewart to be nearly as hard on Cramer as he was. I thought it was just a big publicity stunt at first to be honest. I think that Cramer was really at a loss for words during most of the interview as Stewart continued to call him out on the bad reporting practices of his show and network (CNBC).

Stewart’s tone was much more serious than usual last night, although he did joke a bit at the end of the interview saying – “So maybe we can remove the financial expert and “In Cramer We Trust” and start getting back to fundamentals on the reporting as well, and I can go back to making fart noises and funny faces”.

I do respect Cramer for going on the show knowing what he was in for. The interview (or interrogation as a lot of people are calling it) did have a semi happy ending, Cramer agreed to try and make some changes. I have never been a fan of Mad Money, because I think it does play on the whole “Get Rich Quick” idea, which is very misleading when it comes to investing.

After the interview I was almost at a lost for words trying to figure out how one of the best interviews I have ever seen was done by a television comedian / fake news show. Strange times we live in. You can watch the whole interview below, it’s broken up into three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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