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Watch The Little Couple Online

little coupleThe Little Couple is a show on TLC that is about to begin its second season tonight October 27.  The show is a reality series featuring Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, both of whom have dwarfism.  Jen is 3’2″ and Bill is 4′ tall.  The reside in Houston, TX where Jen works as a neonatologist at the Texas Children’s Hospital while Bill is a businessman.  The first season averaged 1.1 million viewers and TLC was encouraged to give the show another season.

Viewers need to know that this Little People, Big World spin-off raises awareness about people with differences by immersing viewers in everyday life of a newlywed couple with dwarfism.  While Bill and Jen often discuss how hurtful some people’s reactions to them can be, the show focuses more on their very typical relationship issues (he criticizes her driving, she thinks he’s a control freak) than on how their unique circumstances set them apart.  Ultimately it celebrates the human spirit and celebrates the things we all have in common.  If you watch, it makes you think about equality and how you treat others because of how you perceive them on the exterior and not for the type of person they are.

With the second season kicking off tonight October 27th on TLC, you have to program your DVR to record episodes if you are busy.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till the end of the season to catch up.  If so, here are a few ways to watch Little Couple online.


For $8.99 per month you can watch unlimited movies and shows.  Have a DVD mailed to you or instantly stream it to your TV via internet.  Unfortunately TLC does not upload episodes online.


Amazon’s Video on Demand allows viewers to watch two minutes of each episode for free, sort of a preview.  If you want to watch the entire episode, you have to purchase it for $1.99.  The entire first season is uploaded.


You can purchase each episode of season one for $1.99 or the season pass for $22.99.  The episodes are in standard definition only.

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