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Watch The Office Season 4 Online

The Office is the funniest show currently on TV in my humble opinion. I decided to compile a list of great places to watch The Office online for people who are looking to catch up with Micheal Scott and the gang at Dunder Mifflin before watching the new season. I started watching The Office about halfway through season 2 and haven’t been able to stop since, and I doubt you’ve been able to stop either. Anyway below are the top 3 places to watch The Office season 4 online.

1. Netflix
Netflix has every episode of The Office from seasons 1 – 4 available to watch instantly on your computer. You can watch thousands of television shows and movies on Netflix streaming online or on DVD and Blue-ray Disk. This is my top choice for watching The Office online and I highly recommend it. Netflix is currently offering a 2 Week Free Trial.

This site is the second best place to watch episodes from The Office season 4 online. They have most of the episode from season 4 available to watch, however on the downside the video quality is no where near as good as on Netflix or even the official NBC website. I recommend checking this site if there is an episode you can’t find anywhere else.

The official website is OK for watching episodes of The Office online. The video quality is very good, however they only have the last few episodes that aired available to watch online. This means that now that season 5 has started, episodes from season 4 will soon be replaced so you won’t be able to find them on for much longer. On the flip side if you are looking to watch the latest episodes this is the place to check.

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